Port of Yokkaichi
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The Yokkaichi City (Japanese) is the largest in Mie Prefecture. Today, the Port of Yokkaichi is primarily an industrial city and port with a high concentration of chemical and petrochemical plants that at one time threatened residents’ health and the environment. Since then, the Port of Yokkaichi has worked hard to remediate past and prevent future environmental problems, and pollution was significantly reduced by the 1980s. 

The 100-meter tall Port of Yokkaichi Building is a treat for residents and visitors alike. From the 14th Floor, you can get a panoramic view of the entire port and surrounding areas. Also available on the observation deck are materials, videos, and computers.

The Port of Yokkaichi is well-known for the production of Banko ceramics and pottery. The Port of Yokkaichi contains many studios where visitors can watch it being made, and some offer people the chance to paint and make pottery themselves.

Several tours in the Port of Yokkaichi take visitors to see operating production sites, including sake breweries and tea factories, as well as the city’s most outstanding sight, the port.

On the first weekend every August in the Port of Yokkaichi, Oonyudo (Japan’s most famous and biggest mechanical doll) is carried to the “Big Yokkaichi Festival” as the parade’s main character. Surviving from the Edo Period, the doll is about 4.5 meters tall with a 2.7 meter-long neck. As Oonyudo moves through the streets on his float, he moves and twists his neck, rolls his eyes, raises his eyebrows, and sticks out his tongue for his fans.

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