Port of Toyohashi
Cruising and Travel

Located between Tokyo and Osaka, the City of Toyohashi was once an important stop on the Tokaido road that linked Kyoto with Edo. The area is thick with forests and near the beaches of Atsumi Peninsula where loggerhead turtles nest. Near the Port of Toyohashi is Irago, this area of Japan’s most popular surfing location.

The original Futagawa-juku was a Honjin, a large inn for high-ranking officials and nobles, has been fully restored. The new warehouse-style Futagawa-juku Honjin Museum reconstructs many aspects of the inns popular during the Tokugawa era. Among the features that have been recreated are the upper room where the lords and nobles could stay overnight, the master’s house, and the inner garden.

The early 16th Yoshida Castle, built by Lord Makino, changed ownership many times as a result of wars. Covering about 112 thousand square meters, an old stone wall and three-tiered donjon (or keep) were reconstructed in 1954 and now stand within the Toyohashi Park.

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