Port of Sasebo
Cruising and Travel

The City of Sasebo is Nagasaki Prefecture’s second largest, and it is located in some of the most beautiful country in Japan. It is said to be a photographer’s heaven. With two mountains (Mt. Eboshi and Mt. Shokan), the coastal area is lined with points and peninsulas. Over 200 islands lie within 25 kilometers between the Port of Sasebo and Hirato. The city contains the Saikai National Park, the Kujuku Islands, and many attractions for residents and visitors alike.

The climate of the Port of Sasebo is much like that of Norfolk, Virginia. Rainy season lasts from early June to mid-July, and the summer is hot and humid. During the winter, there may be light snowfall and some freezing.

Hirado Island is about 1-1/2 hours from the Port of Sasebo. It was here that the hero of James Clavell’s novel “Shogun” shipwrecked. Visitors can visit the lord’s castle and the grave of William Adams, the true-life central character of the novel, on Hirado Island.

About 32 kilometers south of the Port of Sasebo is the Ureshino Hot Spring Resort, known for its natural hot springs, peaceful atmosphere, and beautiful mountains.

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