Port of Sakai
Cruising and Travel

The City of Sakaiminato has long been a prosperous city popular for both foreign trade and travel, particularly with East Asia countries. Visitors to the Port of Sakaiminato will want to check out these interesting and entertaining attractions.

The 1863 Sakaiminato Lighthouse was built by the Tottori Clan when Japan was still an isolated nation. This Port of Sakaiminato gunnery site defended the port against foreign ships. Restored by the city in 1991, it is the Sanin’s oldest wooden lighthouse. The surrounding Daiba Park, with 350 wonderful cherry trees, was designated a national historic site in 1988.

The Port of Sakaiminato’s Yume Minato Tower is 43 meters tall. From the tower, you can see Mount Daisen, Miho Bay, and the Nakaumi Inland Sea as you scan the panoramic 360-degree view. The tower is also a site for meetings and events.

The popular Minatomachi shopping street in the Port of Sakaiminato is a favorite for residents and visitors who want to find fresh local products and imported goods from countries bordering the Sea of Japan.

The Port of Sakaiminato’s Minato Hot Spring Bath House is a great place to relax and rejuvenate while also gazing upon the Sea of Japan and Mount Daisen.

The Sea and Life Museum is a great waterless aquarium build from the renovated sake brewery. This Port of Sakaiminato museum presents fascinating displays about the equipment and techniques involved in fishing and the lives of the people who were fishermen in the old days.

Marine sports are readily available in the Port of Sakaiminato. The public marina offers sailing and other water sports equipment. With green pine trees and white sands, and the beautiful beach at the Port of Sakaiminato is the site for national beach volleyball tournaments.

Each July, the Port Festival starts with prayer rituals seeking success and safety for the fishers and prosperity for the Port of Sakaiminato. The two-day festival ends with fireworks, a dancing parade, and a variety of other events. The Sea Parade is a favorite event where over 100 decorated fishing ships run through the Sakai Channel.

Every October, the Marine Products Festival takes place at the Port of Sakaiminato’s Fish Market and surrounding sites. Visitors can sample fresh fish and processed seafood delights and watch traditional performances. In addition to these treats, prices are lower than regular markets during the festival.

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