Port of Naha
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The area around the City of Naha is home to over 300 thousand people. As capital of Okinawa Prefecture, its port and airport make it a major transportation hub for the area with direct connections by air and ferry to other parts of the prefecture, to Japan, and to Asia.

While the old capital of the Ryūkyū Kingdom was located within the city, it was destroyed with everything else in Naha during the Battle of Okinawa. A small few buildings pre-date World War II. Despite the terrible destruction of the Battle of Okinawa, there are many places in the Port of Naha to visit and many things to do.

Okinawa Peace Park in the Port of Naha memorializes the Battle of Okinawa. The Peace Park overlooks the sea and contains several open memorials bearing the names of those who died during the battle on both sides. The Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum tells the story of the battle. The Okinawa Peace Memorial Hall contains a tall tower, the Peace Memorial Statue, and exhibitions of various Japanese artists.

The Port of Naha’s Shuri Castle was the seat of the Ryūkyū Kingdom. While it was destroyed during the War, it was rebuilt. On a plateau 120 meters above the sea, it is the biggest castle in Okinawa. No one knows who and when it was first constructed, but evidence shows a structure there by the end of the 14th Century.

Kokusai Doori offers many shops selling products made in Okinawa. It is also a hotspot at night, particularly for younger crowds. While it is not a spectacular beach, the Port of Naha has a clean, safe beach for residents and visitors to take in the sun.

Kite-boarding is a popular activity in the Port of Naha. Visitors can get lessons and supplies for kite-boarding from the Kite Club Okinawa.

Fishing is another popular outdoor pursuit in the Port of Naha. Okinawa’s Saltwater Fishing is berthed at the Naha Airport dock, and they charter trips for big game fish like tuna, marlin, mahi mahi, wahoo, and whatever else is found in the sea.

Okinawa World, about 12 kilometers southeast of the Port of Naha, is a huge theme park containing the 890-meter-long Gyokusendo Cave. A village with traditional dance performances, crafts and snake-liquor shops, and restaurants sits atop the cave.

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