Port of Maizuru
Cruising and Travel

The name of the City of Maizuru (Japanese) means a crane with spread wings, and the city reflects this graceful image. A flourishing castle town in the Azuchi-Momoyama period, Hosokawa built the Tanabe Castle and began trading activities there in the Edo period.

This sleepy town is located in a gorgeous area of Japan. The Sea of Japan boasts wonderful beaches and capes where visitors can surf, swim, and relax. The Port of Maizuru is relatively isolated, but it’s not far from Osaka and Kyoto. Visitors will find nice cycling and hiking areas in the nearby mountains. In the winter, Sasari Toge offers some great skiing. There are also some sights within the city that visitors will want to check out.

The World Brick Museum is dedicated to the specialty of red bricks. Museum exhibits include bricks from the Indus Civilization Mohenjo-daro and the world’s greatest civilizations.

Tanabe Castle was the center of the historic Port of Maizuru, and zones of the modern city still retain remnants of the original castle. The castle was a stronghold for the Akita class and productive rice fields. Today, the castle is Shiroyama Park and an important historic site for the Port of Maizuru.

Visitors will enjoy taking an excursion boat to tour the port and learn about its naval military history as well as viewing some of those famous red bricks.

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