Port of Kochi
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Kochi City (Japanese) is the capital of Kochi Prefecture with several attractions that travelers will enjoy. The Port of Kochi is a relatively small city with a friendly atmosphere and a rich history.

The Port of Kochi has a cool maritime climate with temperatures ranging from an average high of about 27°C (81°F) in August to an average low of 0°C (32°F) in January. The city has a fairly constant level of humidity (about 60%), and rainfall peaks in June and September.

The Port of Kochi's most popular tourist attraction is Kochi Castle, located downtown. The castle was originally built in 1601 and was the impetus for the city. The castle was burned in 1727 but was rebuilt in 1753 to be used as a temple. Today, the Kochi Castle is an old and fragile structure and a rare and precious piece of Japanese history. The small museum on the property contains cultural artifacts from the region. The castle has many steps, and handicap access is limited. The castle grounds are a public park that contain the prefectural library and Kochi's Literary Museum.

To the east of the downtown area of the Port of Kochi is Mount Godaisan on which is located the Chikurinji Temple, an important stop on the Shikoku Pilgrimage. The temple grounds contain many halls and structures including a 5-story pagoda. The treasure hall contains several Buddhist statues and scrolls. The Makino Botanical Garden on Mount Godaisan is not far from the temple. The large garden offers long paths, outdoor parks, a greenhouse, and several exhibits about the garden's creator, Dr. Makino Tomitaro (the "Father of Japanese Botany," and his studies. Godaisan Park, also near the Chikurinji Temple, is a wonderful place for relaxation and great views of the city.

Within the city of the Port of Kochi are several areas for shopping including the Obiyamachi shopping arcade and the kilometer-long and popular Sunday street markets.

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