Port of Kisarazu
Cruising and Travel

Located on the Southern Boso Peninsula, the City of Kisarazu enjoys a warm climate and a beautiful setting. With Tokyo Bay and the Banzu Tidal Flats to the west and the lush Kazusa Hills to the east, many believe the Port of Kisarazu is a little piece of paradise.

The Kimisarazu Tower in the Odayama mountain park offers wonderful views of the Port of Kisarazu and the Bay. Called the "love forest," the Odayama contains a large statue of a couple that recalls a tragic love story popular in the area. When a woman sacrificed herself to the sea to calm stormy waters for her husband's trip to Chiba, the grief-struck husband wrote a poem of lament that is said to be the origin of the city.

The Umihotaru Park Rest Area, at the Port of Kisarazu end of the Aqualine Expressway, contains restaurants, shopping centers, and observation decks where people come to enjoy glorious sunrises and sunsets and the strong sea breeze.

The Port of Kisarazu is home to the Nakanoshima Ohashi Bridge, the tallest sidewalk bridge in all of Japan.

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