Port of Kinuura
Cruising and Travel

The Port of Kinuura is not tourist destination, yet it is located within an area that includes Handa City (Japanese) and some sightseeing opportunities. The area has long been a source for sake and vinegar, and tourists in the Port of Kinuura can tour the area's historic factories and warehouses.

The Port of Kinuura's proximity to the Pacific Ocean gives it a comfortable climate and a short winter. August is the hottest month, when temperatures can exceed 35 °C (95 °F). January is coldest, with freezing temperatures and snow. June and September are the rainiest months of the year. The Port of Kinuura is subject to typhoons.

The Port of Kinuura's Kunizakari Museum of Sake in Handa City contains not only exhibits but sake-tasting opportunities. Sake-brewing has been popular in the area for over two thousand years, and the Kunizakari Sake Museum is the best place in Japan to learn about sake-brewing history and sake-drinking. For many years, sake was produced only for the imperial court, large temples and shrines, and religious and agricultural festivals. Over the years, it became more popular, and common people began to make sake despite the laws against it. It is said that drinking sake brings the gods to people and helps them work and live together.

The Port of Kinuura's Handa Red Brick Building was constructed in the late 19th Century as a beer brewery for the Marusan Brewery Company. The plant is now a National Tangible Cultural Property, and it is the largest brick building remaining from that era and one of only five remaining such buildings.

Su-No-Sato in the Port of Kinuura's Handa City is the only museum in Japan with a complete collection related to the 200-year history of brewing vinegar. The Su-No-Sato has been operating since the early 19th Century, and the museum displays tools used in the early days. It also contains informative displays on the uses and effects of vinegar and compares the old and new methods for brewing the product.

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