Port of Ishinomaki
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Ishinomaki City is in one of Japan’s most beautiful locations. The Port of Ishinomaki also offers many interesting attractions visitors won’t find anywhere else.

The Port of Ishinomaki’s Manga Museum building looks like a flying saucer. Located a short walk from the train station on a small island in the Kitakami River, the museum is devoted to the works of Ishinomori Shotaro, the “Emperor of Manga,” an artist who created many comic book characters including Cyborg 009 and the Kamen Rider series.

The San Juan Bautista Museum in the Port of Ishinomaki contains a full-size replica of the ship built in 1613 to send an envoy to Rome to see the Pope, stopping at Acapulco, Mexico, on the way. The museum tells about the ship’s history and technologies.

Hiyori-yama Park is a perfect place in the Port of Ishinomaki to relax and enjoy the beautiful local scenery. Filled with cherry blossoms in the spring and azaleas in summer, the park is alive with deer and geese. The park rests atop the hill with the same name, affording a 56-meter-high view of the Port of Ishinomaki center. Just next to the park is the Hiryori-yama Shrine.

The Port of Ishinomaki’s Ajishima Island in the southeast Port of Ishinomaki is a popular swimming beach with clean clear waters where recreationalists also enjoy cycling and sea kayaking.

The Saito Family Garden belonged to a rich farming family in northern Japan since the middle ages. The gardens contain a museum that displays Jomon pottery excavated at the site.

During the Port of Ishinomaki’s commercial whaling period, Ayukawa was the main port. Today, a whale museum tells about the history, tools, and techniques used for whaling. Visitors can explore a real whaling ship.

Every other August, the Port of Ishinomaki enjoys the Ishinomaki Kawabiraki Festival celebrating the civil engineer who helped develop the river during the Edo period, leading to the Port of Ishinomaki’s prosperity and growth. On the first night, participants enjoy one of Japan’s largest fireworks displays. Other festival events include Magobeisen rowing races and the Tairyo-odori dance parade when residents perform local dances in traditional costumes.

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