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Fukuoka City and the Port of Hakata are the western gateway to Japan and an interesting and entertaining destination. Tourists will find historic sites, festivals, and gourmet dining in the city. Outside the city are resorts and regional historic and amusement attractions.

The Port of Hakata has a mild maritime climate. Temperatures rarely fall below freezing, and snow is unusual. Spring is warm, with the beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms appearing in late March or early April. The rainy season, in June and July, brings high humidity, making summers hot. Autumn is said to be the Port of Hakata's best season, when mild dry weather prevails. Typhoon season lasts from August through September. Temperatures in the Port of Hakata range from an average high of 31° C (89° F) in August to an average low of 3° C (38° F) in January.

Before they were merged in 1889, Fukuoka and the Port of Hakata rested on opposite sides of the river. Today, the main rail station and the port are still known by the name Hakata. The tourist center is located in the Tenjin city center. There is also a tourist information center in the Port of Hakata's train station. The main station in the Port of Hakata is the terminus of the Shinkansen bullet train.

Visitors to the Port of Hakata and Fukuoka City will not want to miss Ohori Park. The park contains two kilometers of jogging tracks, and it is next door to Maizuru Park and the ruins of Fukuoka Castle. The Park has a large pond in the middle, and it is a wonderful place for long walks, relaxing picnics, and great views of the city. The 17th Century Fukuoka Castle was built by Chickuzen's first feudal lord, Kuroda Nagamasa. Only the ruins remain, but visitors can still see a gate and a castle turret while they take in the great views of the city.

Bayside Place at Hakata Pier is the marine terminal for service ferries to Tsushima Island and boats that cruise Hakata Bay. The terminal building contains a huge single-tank aquarium with six thousand fish, and the Port of Hakata Tower has a 70-meter tall observatory. Visitors will also find many shops and restaurants at Bayside Place. There are fireworks in the summer.

Surfers will love their trip to the Port of Hakata and Fukuoka City. There are several beaches in the area that are easy to get to. Experienced surfers recommend the beaches at Mitoma, Noginohama, and Futamigaura. Winter is the best time to find the good waves, but be careful of rocks in the lineup.

Travelers who want to visit Fukuoka City and the Port of Hakata by sea can find a list of scheduled cruises on the Cruise Compete website.

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