Port of Kingston
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The Port of Kingston consists of two major areas: downtown and uptown (or New Kingston). Although much of the Port of Kingston suffers from poverty, there are many areas that visitors will want to check out.

The Bob Marley Museum opened in 1986. It was Marley’s home and the site of his recording studio. In addition to a marvelous mural of Marley painted by Everald Brown, the museum contains a large collection of memorabilia telling the story of the late superstar’s life and career.

The Devon House is a national monument. This beautiful white three-story Georgian house was built in 1881 by the Caribbean’s first black millionaire, George Stiebel. The National Trust has faithfully restored the mansion. It holds one of the world’s best collections of mahogany antiques and the African Museum. A huge shaded veranda encircles the ground floor, and balconies overlook the lush gardens and nearby countryside. Within the grounds are a grog shop, a restaurant featuring Jamaican cuisine, a craft shop, a souvenir shop, and an ice cream shop with tropical delights.

The 1881 Hope Botanical Gardens are the biggest in the West Indies. Surrounded by towering palm trees, they cover 80 hectares. Just next door is the Hope Zoo.  

The Institute of Jamaica holds the museums of Jamaican national and West Indian history, art galleries, and a huge reference library. The Natural History Museum within the Institute is the country’s oldest museum, and it contains exhibits of the island’s native plants and animals. The Herbarium has over 125 thousand specimens of dried plants.

The Port of Kingston is the home of an exciting nightlife. With many clubs in New Kingston that stay open until the early morning, you’ll find plenty of jazz, reggae, rhythm and blues, and other local music.

Lime Cay, south of the Palisadoes, is an uninhabited island off the Port of Kingston’s shore. Reached by boat, it is the perfect spot to enjoy the sun, swimming, and snorkeling.

Visitors who enjoy the sport will love Caymanas Park where horse racing occurs each Wednesday and Saturday and on public holidays.

Travelers who want to visit Jamaica by sea can find a list of cruise opportunities to ports other than the Port of Kingston by visiting the Cruise Jamaica website.

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