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The City of Sanremo (Italian) is a beautiful Italian resort and a popular tourist destination. Enjoying an almost endless spring, it enjoys warm days and chilly nights. The Port of Sanremo has many tourist attractions that are open throughout the year and well-equipped facilities for sports. Its tourist harbors make it a popular yachting destination. The Port of Sanremo offers beautiful cultural centers like the Municipal Casino and the Ariston Theatre.

The Port of Sanremo enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and cool wet winters. Always comfortable, temperatures peak in July and August and reach their lowest point in January. In July, the average high temperature is 29 °C (84 °F). In January, the average low is 0 °C (32 °F).

Aside from the beach and the sea, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Port of Sanremo is the Villa Nobel, the house where Alfred Nobel passed the last five years of his life. Guided tours are available. This lovely Moorish-style villa overlooks the Mediterranean and is surrounded by flower beds, palm trees, and an orange grove. Nobel began many inventions here that were later completed by others, including substitutes for rubber and leather, the earliest modern varnishes, and an extra-fine glass pressure nozzle used to create rayon and artificial silk. After his death, the city purchased the property, using it for gatherings of Nobel Laureates. Today, the villa and Nobel's laboratory are being converted into a museum.

The Port of Sanremo has a beautiful open-air botanical garden at Villa Hanbury that is home to more than 5800 tropical species including plants from other continents. Eight of the total 18 hectares are covered with thick maquis shrubland much like the American chaparral containing Aleppo Pine trees and other ground cover. The other ten hectares contains a large garden with over two thousand species of flowers surrounding four kilometers of paths. Included here is the Japanese Garden, the Australian bush (with eucalyptuses as tall as 30 meters), a rose collection, and the Garden of Perfumes. The Dragon fountain is surrounded by papyrus and statues. Within an area of lavender and vines is a plaque that recalls visitors like Dante, Machiavelli, and Charles V.

The popular and imposing Port of Sanremo Casino opened in 1905. An important monument from the Port of Sanremo's Belle Epoque, the building has been faithfully preserved and maintained. With elegant interiors and lavish furnishings, the Casino is a unique environment for people who want to gamble in high style as well as for those who want to attend wonderful concerts by the Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo or dine at the fine restaurant or relax at the café or one of the bars.

Since 1951, the Port of Sanremo has been home to the Sanremo Music Festival (Italian), a popular song contest that was the inspiration for the Eurovision Song Contest. The internationally popular Nel Blu Depinto di Blu (or Volare) was first sung on this stage in 1958. The festival is hugely popular with Italians, and thousands attend the annual contest. The song festival is only one event held at the Ariston Theatre each year. Other events include a song contest dedicated to the memory of Luigi Tenco, the Mardi-Gras style winter Flowers Parade, and the July Firework International Contest.

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