Port of Brindisi
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The Port of Brindisi is an ancient city. Today, an ancient Roman column marks the end of the famous Appian Way. Much of the Port of Brindisi is a modern city, but it does still contain several medieval buildings.

The 12th century Brindisi Castle was built by Emperor Frederick II upon the ruins of an earlier Byzantine building. Charles I restored the castle, and a new rampart wall and central courtyard were added in the 16th Century. The Castle was a prison in the 19th Century, and it served as army barracks after that. Today, it is home to government offices and exhibitions.

The Port of Brindisi’s 12th Century cathedral is dedicated to John the Baptist. Most of the building was rebuilt in the 18th Century. The cathedral contains relics of St. Theodor, the town’s patron saint, and a 16th Century wooden choir.

King Ferdinand I of Naples built the Aragonese Castle (called Forte a Mare) in 1491 on the South Andrea island. Facing the port, it is divided into the older Red Castle and the more recent fort.

The Grand Fountain (Fontana Grande) was built on the Appian Way by the Romans. Tancred of Lecce restored it in 1192.

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