Port of Augusta
Cruising and Travel

The Port of Augusta is primarily a commercial port and industrial center. It has suffered damage as a result of a serious earthquake in 1693, Allied bombing in 1943, and major seismic tremors in 1990. There are a few places visitors will not want to miss when they travel to the Port of Augusta.

The Swabian Castle built by Emperor Frederick II is a huge building in rather poor condition. Not open to the public, the castle was used as a prison for many years. The nearby 16th Century forts of Avalos, Garcia, and Vittoria are well worth a visit.

Visitors may also want to check out the Megara Hyblaea archaeological site and the resort of Brucoli. Megara Hyblaea was an ancient Greek colony. Excavations in the late 19th Century discovered portions of the western town wall and a large necropolis of about 1500 tombs. Brucoli is a quaint fishing village on the estuary of the Porcaria Creek, and it boasts 17th Century fortifications and a Castle with a 15th Century tower.

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