Port of Bandar Abbas
Cruising and Travel

As a port town, many of the Port of Bandar Abbas' residents have come from other areas in Iran to work. Its native inhabitants are called "Banduris" and can be spotted wearing colorful clothes and burqas. It is very hot in the Port of Bandar Abbas, and the city basically shuts down from 2pm until 6pm. There are not many sights in the Port of Bandar Abbas. The Port of Bandar Abbas' dynamic market, which is likely the most exciting area, is just two blocks from the waterfront. A waterside promenade has an evening flea market and ends at the Port of Bandar Abbas' busy fish market.

The Port of Bandar Abbas has an extremely hot humid climate, even though it doesn't get much rain. Temperatures can reach as much as 49°C (120°F) in the summer and rarely go below 5°C (40°F) in the winter. Temperatures range from an average high of 38°C (101°F) in June to an average low of 12°C (54°F) in January. Rainfall comes heaviest from December through March with an average of 36.5 millimeters (less than 1.5 inches) per month. Rainfall averages about three millimeters (just over 0.1 inches) during the rest of the year.

The Port of Bandar Abbas is home to the new Anthropology Museum of the Persian Gulf. The museum features southern Iran's artistic and cultural environment and history. The three-story museum contains sections on anthropology and archaeology, photo and stamp galleries, and a department dedicated to Hormozgan handicrafts, tourism, and cultural heritage.

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