Port of Mandvi
Cruising and Travel

The Port of Mandvi has a mild climate all year. The city is home to some 300 temples, 81 of them famous for their intricate stone carvings. Most of the temples are devoted to Kali and Shiva. The ancient Bhootnath Temple dates from the early 16th Century. Three protected monuments well worth a visit include the temples of Panchvaktra, Ardhnareshwar, and Triloknath.

The main attraction for tourists visiting Mandvi is the Vijay Vilas Palace. Built in 1920, this royal dwelling is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, water channels, and marble fountains. With a high central dome on pillars, colored-glass windows, and exquisitely carved stone architectural elements and bastions at its corners, the Vija Vilas Palace is a wonderful example of Rajput architecture. The Palace also has a private beach with air-conditioned tent accommodations. One of the area’s most popular tourist attractions, it has also been the setting for many Hindi films.

The beach at the Port of Mandvi, called Kashi-Vishwanath Beach, is one of Gujarat’s most beautiful beaches.

The Port of Mandvi contains some houses that once belonged to rich merchants that boast beautiful stone carvings and plaster decorations that merge European and Indian architectural styles. One such building is the Swami Narayan Temple with elaborate plaster decorations and a brightly-colored exterior.

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