Port of Pontianak
Cruising and Travel

The word Pontianak means “undead vampire of a woman who died during childbirth.” The pontianak murders men and injures pregnant women, but they can be controlled. Legend holds that when the Alqadrie group arrived in the previously unexplored area of the Port of Pontianak, they were visited by a Pontianak. This is why they cleared the forest there, making way for the modern city and Port of Pontianak.

Visitors to the Port of Pontianak may want to visit the Kebun Binatang Pontianak (Indonesian) with wildlife from Borneo’s jungle and other parts of Indonesia. The zoo also holds some orangutans that were freed from the illegal ownership of a lumber mill.

The Tugu Khatulistiwa, or Equatorial Obelisk, is 11 kilometers from the city center. Built on the zero degree point, the site also contains educational displays where people can learn about the equator and the unique position of the Port of Pontianak, which is located on the equator line. English-speaking staff mans the souvenir shop there.

Visitors may also want to take a boat ride on the Kapuas River to see the beautiful jungle and the people who make the river their home.

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