Port of Rijeka
Cruising and Travel

The City of Rijeka (Croatian) is much more a transportation hub and port than a tourist destination, but it does contain landmarks that visitors will not want to miss.

The Tvornica “Torpedo” (Torpedo Factory) is the site where the first European prototypes for self-propelled torpedoes were developed in the mid-19th Century. Some of the factory remains today, including the launch ramp where the torpedoes were first tested in 1866.

The Svetiste Majke Bozje Trsatske (Sanctuary of Madonna Trsatian) was built seven centuries ago to protect travelers and seamen who bring offerings. Standing 135 meters above sea-level on Trsat hill, it is near the Gothic Madonna of Slunj sculpture and contains works by C. Tasce, the Baroque painter.

Stara Vrata, Rimski Luk (the Old Gate, Roman Arch) was a portal for the Roman army command.

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