Port of Tilbury
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The Port of Tilbury is the gateway to London for deep-sea cruising vessels, and it is located within the Greater London metropolitan area. Tilbury proper has few tourist attractions, but visitors will not want to miss these historic must-sees.

Built by Henry VIII, Tilbury Fort is one of Britain’s best-preserved bastioned fortifications. Excluding a few 19th Century changes, it is the same today as it was in the late 1600s. Its anti-aircraft guns shot down a German zeppelin during World War I, and a World War II bomb destroyed the soldier’s barracks on the property. Partially restored, the fort is operated by English Heritage and is open most every day of the year.

Coalhouse Fort was originally the site of a battery also built by Henry VIII. The modern fort built on that site was completed in 1874 and continued to serve a defensive function through both World Wars. The Coahouse Fort in the Port of Tilbury is considered one of the best examples of an armored casement fort in the United Kingdom.

Travelers who want to visit London and/or the Port of Tilbury by sea can find a list of scheduled cruises on the Choosing Cruising website.

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