Port of Hull
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While much of the City of Hull was damaged or destroyed during World War II, it still contains many medieval architectural jewels and points of interest for visitors. Queen Victoria Square, in the center of town, is the heart of the city, and it is surrounded by the Maritime Museum (a huge quaint building retelling the story of Hull’s long relationship with the sea), the Ferens Art Gallery (with a wide range of sculpture and paintings that include emphasis on the European Masters), and the Hull City Hall (surviving the Luftwaffe attacks to host concerts and other events throughout the year).

The Trinity Quarter in the Port of Hull occupies the space of the old market square and is the center for shops selling vintage and alternative clothing and for many outdoor cafes. Some parts of the Holy Trinity Church date to around 1300 AD, and its impressive medieval architecture includes a 150-foot high tower that contains 15 bells. The 16th Century Old Grammar School is one of England’s oldest and is home to the Hands on History Museum today. Visitors experience Victorian childhood in the classroom and see a real Egyptian mummy.

The street of Whitefriargate links old and new towns, and it is the traditional main shopping area. It includes the Princes Quay, a shopping center on stilts above the quay at Queen Victoria Square. The 17th Century Beverly Gate has been excavated at the Queen Victoria Square terminus of Whitefriargate. This is the point where King Charles I was barred from entering the city in the first military event of the English Civil War.

The Port of Hull’s Marina was created in the early 1980s from the deteriorating Humber Dock. The Marina can accommodate 270 vessels, and the area includes a walkway lined with wonderful old pubs and some great cafes. One of the permanent berths holds the Spurn Lightship, a floating lighthouse that protected ships in the Humber Estuary for 50 years in the 20th Century. The Marina area also houses the city’s main business district and The Deep, a popular giant aquarium that overlooks the Humber Estuary.

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