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The City of Dundee is the fourth largest city in Scotland, and it’s within a two-hour drive of the cities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. The city prides itself for the “3 Js” of jute, jam, and journalism.

Its history is closely associated with textile production based on jute, although most of the old factories have been converted to offices and apartments. It claims to be the original home of marmalade, and the surrounding country farms still produce berries used to make the jam. It is also home to Dandy and the Beano comics published by D.C. Thomson publishers.

Visitors to the Port of Dundee will not want to miss seeing Broughty Castle at the mouth of the River Tay. Since it was built in 1496, the castle has withstood many battles. Today, it contains displays telling the story of the Broughty Ferry and its people and environment. Just minutes from the castle is Broughty Ferry Beach and Esplanade, a popular spot for tourists.

McManus Galleries and Museum houses exhibitions of history, art, and the environment covering the Dundee area. Undergoing the most ambitious renovation project in its history of 138 years, the museum will soon be re-opened.

Visitors will also enjoy touring the historic frigate, HMS Unicorn. Built for the Royal Navy and launched in 1824, it was a busy and successful warship and a great example of the transition between wooden sailing ships and modern iron steamships.

Sensation Dundee is the United Kingdom’s only science center appealing to all five senses. The live science shows include demonstrations that show how to use household ingredients in unusual and beneficial ways. Roborealm contains robots that use sensors to interpret their environment. The Mindball Arena lets you experience cybernetics firsthand by competing against a partner moving a ball with your mind.

Travelers who want to see the Port of Dundee by sea can find a list of scheduled cruises on the Cruise Compete website.

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