Port of Sete
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The City of Sete (French) is a wonderful place to visit for a day or much longer. It hides treasures of antiquity, modern attractions, and beautiful natural beaches to please every taste. Next to the Thau Lagoon near the Loupian village on Rome’s Via Domitia is an ancient Gallo-Roman Villa (French) that, by the end of the Roman Empire, had become a palace decorated with wonderful mosaics. Visitors can learn about the stages of Roman occupation from the early to late empires, including a large wine storehouse and workshops for potters making amphorae.

The Dinosaur Museum-Park (French) in Mèze is Europe’s largest dedicated to dinosaurs, and it contains the world’s biggest complete skeleton. The 15 square mile paleontological site at Meze is in strata from the Mesozoic Era from 65 to 75 million years ago.

Visitors will discover 12 kilometers of beautiful beaches when they come to the Port of Sete. Complemented by restaurants and beach bars, the beaches are perfect for sun bathing, swimming, and beach games. The Lazaret Beach is sheltered by sea walls and is a great place for young children to enjoy shallow water safely. Near the city center, Lazaret Beach is easy to reach by bus or on foot. The Corniche Beach has many restaurants and bars and boasts children’s games. Also near the city center, you’ll find many great seafood restaurants. The Fontaine and Lido beaches are also favorites that offer wide beaches and beautiful views of the sea. If you want more excitement, you can go to Fantasy Park with a thousand square meters of trampolines, inflatable games, shaded areas for relaxation, and a toddlers’ corner.

The Port of Sete’s Port St. Clair is open all year to serve those who love recreating on the sea. You can rent motor boats or jet-skis or take sailing lessons there. The Base Nautique Miaille et Munoz National Sailing School offers lessons for sailing catamarans and wind-surfing. Aqua Sete offers diving adventures throughout the year, and the Ecole de Plongee Setoise offers diving lessons.

A walk down the Mole Saint Louis (Saint Louis Pier) offers great views of fishing boats and yachts that compete for space. Some of the world’s fastest sailboats moor in the Port of Sete, and the French train here for the America’s Cup. The lighthouse is the last one in France that uses a Fresnel lens made from rock crystal.

Travelers who want to take a cruise that stops in the Port of Sete can find scheduled cruises on the Cruise Planners website.

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