Port of Guadeloupe
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The Port of Guadeloupe is a popular tourist destination, particularly for French and European travelers. A tropical Caribbean paradise, it offers rich tropical waters where scuba divers and snorkelers can see hundreds of tropical fish species, even in shallow waters. Those who can’t swim can take glass-bottom boat trips to see the beautiful marine life. By day, the most popular tourist areas of Point-a-Pitre, Le Gosier, St. Anne, and St. Felix are safe, but tourists should stay on main roads and plazas at night.

The Port of Guadeloupe reflects not only French culture, but influences from Africa, East Indian, and the West Indies. Architecture ranges from French colonial house and buildings to Hindu temples. Restaurants across the islands offer foods from all of these cultures, including the island’s own Creole cuisine.

Festivals and celebrations are plentiful in the Port of Guadeloupe, and they go on throughout the year. Women wear traditional colorful Creole dress, with bright full skirts, matching headdresses, and lace-trimmed blouses and petticoats.

Music is a staple in the Port of Guadeloupe. It fills the streets throughout the day and night. Afro-French-Caribbean calypso and reggae are the islands’ trademark, and dance and song are the order of the day.

Nightlife in the Port of Guadeloupe is busy and loud. Gambling houses, restaurants, and discotheques keep revelers busy until dawn.

The Parc Naturel de Guadeloupe (French) is an almost 30-hectare area containing tropical forests and mountains with gommier trees, tall ferns, and beautiful tropical birds. Covering about 20% of the major Port of Guadeloupe islands, Parc Naturel is home to many tame animals, including the raccoon-like titi, and exhibits devoted to topics that include the volcano, the forest, and local favorites like sugarcane, coffee, and rum. The park has no gates and no admission fee, and it is never closed. Visitors will love following some of the 290 kilometers of trails, including trails that climb the 1444-meter high Soufriere volcano, stroll pass by hot springs, streams, and deep gorges. A favorite spot in the park is the Chute de l’Ecrevisse (Crayfish Waterfall), where swimmers enjoy the pool at the base of the falls.

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