Port of Jakobstad
Cruising and Travel

The town of Jakobstad is proud of its community. Visitors will enjoy strolling through the School Gardens, the world’s most northern botanical gardens that contain about a thousand plant species, including 200 species of roses. In the city center, the park contains many species of trees and an outdoor stage.

The geometric Baroque-style Aspegren Garden is unique in Finland. Reconstructed based on archaeological studies of the original garden, the garden is a popular tourist attraction with its 65 species of apple tree.

Kittholmen Island has long been a common pastureland. Today, it contains an old rope towpath lined by 100-year old fir trees. The island is home to several types of woodland and species of animals. It is just south of the beach of Jakobstad and the Old Harbor.

The Port of Jakobstad’s Concordia Square is a modest park hiding a fully-grown species of birch tree that apparently does not exist anywhere else in the world. The community has worked hard to preserve and propagate the birch species.

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