Port of Hamina
Cruising and Travel

The Town of Hamina’s city center is full of interesting historic sites. Visitors will not want to miss the Shopkeeper’s Museum illustrating Finno-Russian merchant traditions from the early 1900s. The 1760 Town Museum was the site for a meeting between Catherine the Great and Sweden’s King Gustavus III.

The Samovar Museum contains a private collection of Russian samovars, large urns used to heat water for tea, as well as many Russian artifacts. St. Mary’s Church is the oldest building in Kymenlaasko. This medieval stone building was modified in the 1820s, and it contains a museum dedicated to ecclesiastical life.

The one-hectare Hamina Bastion was once the central of the fortress, and it enclosed 58 vaults. During the summer, the largest canopy in Europe is its roof, and many events take place in the bastion. The Port of Hamina’s Rampart Trail is a 4.5-kilometer trail around the fortress of Hamina.

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