Port of Parnu
Cruising and Travel

The modern Port of Parnu is an internally-known health resort and a member in the European Spas Association. Most of the staff at hotels and restaurants speak English, Russian, and some Finnish as well, of course, as Estonian.

People come to the Port of Parnu to treat joint problems and disorders of the spine and central and peripheral nervous systems. They find hydrotherapy, ozocerite and mud therapies, massage, and laser- and electrotherapies there. The hotel of the Mud Baths has 130 rooms to accommodate its clients. The modern Port of Parnu is home to many spa hotels.

There is a big beach in the Port of Parnu, but the weather is not always comfortable. Many visitors go to the indoors Vee Park in the community’s biggest beachside hotel. The Vee Park is a fantastic water park. There is also a museum and school for modern art in the Port of Parnu that often features provocative exhibits.

The normally sleepy Port of Parnu wakes up on the summer equinox with festivals, night clubs, and many parties at the beach. In the autumn, the quiet atmosphere returns, and the spas become crowded. During the winter, the bay’s yachts are replaced by ice-yachts and skaters.

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