Puerto de Ferrol
Cruising and Travel

The City of Ferrol (Spanish) was proclaimed a Site of Historic-Artistic Interest in 1984, largely due to its old town, Ferrol Vello, which preserves a medieval layout with narrow streets radiating from the old port. Today, the Port of Ferrol is one of Galicia’s fastest-growing towns. With a mix of ancient and ultra-modern buildings, the Port of Ferrol is a city of contrasts.

The Port of Ferrol is not one of Galicia’s most popular tourist destinations, nor does it offer much in the way of tourist attractions. It does not have a central medieval district, and its historic naval port can only be viewed from a distance.

Visitors to the Port of Ferrol will want to see the Castillo de San Felipe at the opening to the bay and the Castillo de Nogueirosa with its high walls and large keep. The port also contains several good beaches, and it sits on a beautiful bay.

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