Puerto de Cartagena
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The Port of Cartagena is proud of its 2000-year history and the legacy it brings to Spain’s history. It has been inhabited at one time by most of the greatest empires of the Mediterranean. It has many archaeological sites and exemplary buildings, complemented by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. It is a world-class tourist destination and a favorite calling port for cruise ships. Within its municipal boundaries is the holiday resort, La Manga del Mar Menor.

The City of Cartagena (Spanish) reflects the many different cultures that have lived there. Once, it had a reputation as a dirty, polluted port city. But the municipality has worked hard to eradicate both the reputation and its source. Today, the Port of Cartagena is a beautiful place to visit, full of historic, leisure, and romantic locales and adventures.

Archaeological sites within the Port of Cartagena include the Punic rampart built in 227 BC. The Roman Empire left several monuments visitors will want to see, including the newly-restored Roman Theater (and museum), the colonnade, the House of Fortune, the Decumanus, and the Augusteum, and the Torre Ciega. Some of the walls and parts of rooms that made up the 1st Century Roman Amphitheater are still visible under the stands of an abandoned bullring.

Other remains include those of the 13th century Santa Maria la Vieja Cathedral that was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. Its crypt reveals a decorated floor from a 1st Century Roman house. Near the Roman theater and Cathedral is a Byzantine rampart. Reconstructed in the 13th Century, the Concepcion Castle is now the Center for the Interpretation of the History of Cartagena. Visitors will also enjoy seeing the Municipal Archaeological Museum and the National Museum of Maritime Archaeology.

Visitors will want to take advantage of the Tourist Catamaran that reveals the Port of Cartagena’s defensive system and sometimes stops at the Christmast Fortress lighthouse. A tourist bus also takes visitors on a panoramic route covering the major sights.

The municipal area of the Port of Cartagena includes part of La Manga del Mar Menor, a resort area shared with the nearby town of San Javier. According to the Instituto para la Calidad Turistica Espanola (Institute for Quality Spanish Tourism), the Port of Cartagena has more quality beaches than any other Spanish town, with 10 beautiful beaches waiting for sun- and sea- lovers.

Travelers wishing to visit the Port of Cartagena by sea can find a comprehensive list of scheduled cruises on the Cruise Compete website.

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