Port of Vigo
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The City of Vigo (Spanish) is a large, sprawling urban area with many small bays and beaches. The area around the old port, near the marina, has many original buildings surrounding the Iglesia Concatedral de Santa Maria. Though it was much larger a hundred years ago (before modern urban development), the area still has its four original squares surrounded by cafes and equipped with tables and chairs.

Near Pedra square, ladies sell traditional local oysters at the market. Being an important fishing port, the Port of Vigo is famous for its wide variety of seafoods, and visitors will find many wonderful restaurants offering the best of Galician cuisine.

The beaches in the Bay of Vigo are some of Galicia's best, and they are plentiful. There are 45 separate beaches in the area. The best beaches include the Punta, a popular beach with beautiful white sands and a promenade. To the west of the city is the mile-long Playa de Samil, with a long white promenade and many facilities including restaurants, picnic areas, hotels, and a swimming pool, is the city's busiest beach.

The inner city park, El Castro, contains ruins of a pre-Roman settlement and a large stone cross. Built on a hill, visitors enjoy wonderful views of the city and the bay from one of its many mirradors. It also has an area containing the remains of the San Sebastian fort.

Travelers who want to visit the Port of Vigo by sea can find a long list of scheduled cruises at the Cruise Compete website.

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