Port of Tarragona
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The City of Tarragona is just 82 kilometers southwest of Barcelona, Spain. It contains many historic sites that include a well-preserved Roman colosseum. The Port of Tarragona was an important administrative and commercial city for Rome and an Imperial center. The Romans constructed many buildings that have been excavated to portray the grand Roman capital. An excellent example of Roman urban planning, it was the model for other Roman capitals. Based on this exceptional history, Tarraco (as the Romans called it) was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

The major tourist attraction in the Port of Tarragona is, of course, Tarraco and the Roman ruins that include the wall surrounding the old city and two Roman gates. Visitors also enjoy the Museum of Archeology.

There are several good beaches on the 115-kilometer meter Mediterranean coastline near the Port of Tarragona, including some that have received the prestigious Blue Flag. The mild climate makes perfect swimming from June to September.

The Port of Tarragona is also located near Salou, a popular holiday resort, and Universal Studio’s Port Aventura theme park. The Gaia River Delta Nature Reserve offers over 80 species of birds, and coastal forest with many poplars decorates the inland area, with reeds approaching the shore.

The Port of Tarragona also contains many fine restaurants that serve its distinctive cuisine based on fresh seafood and fresh local produce. Local fishermen catch shellfish and the local bluefish called Peix Blau de Tarragona. Furthermore, the fisherman’s district, El Serrallo, is one of the city’s most picturesque districts and well worth a visit.

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