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The City of Santander (Spanish) is a popular European tourist destination. With a mild, but rainy, climate, it offers the best of Cantabria. A European style casino sits next to the Sardinero beaches. The Plaza de Canadio is a popular spot for nighttime entertainment with many bars and taverns. The Cuatro Caminos area offers many interesting shops.

The most popular and famous sight in the Port of Santander is the Magdalena Palace, the summer home for Spain’s royal family in the from 1912 until 1930. Designed by architects Javier Gonzalez Riancho and Gonzalo Bringas Vega, the King’s visits helped make Santander a popular spot for tourists from across Europe.

The Port of Santander’s Prehistoric and Archaeological Museum of Cantabria in the Port of Santander tells the story of the area’s development from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages. Visitors will find artifacts from such famous sites as La Garma, Altamira, and El Castillo. The artifacts include stone utensils and prehistoric portable art, and the museum also offers multi-media presentations about life in the area throughout the ages.

The Maritime Museum of Cantabria at the Port of Santander treats visitors to the history of sea-faring men throughout Spain’s history. Displays also include many aquariums and over three thousand square meters of exhibitions telling the story of the relationship between humans the sea.

The Port of Santander also offers many beautiful beaches. The El Sardinero beach is opposite a lighthouse on Mauro Island and the Magdalena Peninsula. It boasts a wide promenade running the length of the beach, modern beach facilities, and a variety of beach-side restaurants.

To avoid the crowds, visitors can go to the lighthouse about two kilometers away for breathtaking views, quiet meals, and hikes along the cliffs. The Port of Santander’s lighthouse, Faro de Cabo Mayor, is 30 meters tall and more than 100 years old. Visitors will find a monument here erected to prisoners who were thrown from the cliffs during the Spanish Civil War.

Los Peligros beach offers floating platforms for sun bathing and a fishing wharf. Visitors can also attend a sailing school there or rent water crafts like kayaks and windsurfing equipment. Magdalena Beach has a swimming area and a sailing school. Next to Magdalena,

The Port of Santander’s El Camello beach has a promenade running to Concha Beach with bars and restaurants alongside. In Noja, Trengandin beach faces high cliffs. It has calm clear waters and coral reefs popular with scuba divers. Its shallow waters make it a popular family beach where children can play safely. Ris Beach is smaller than Trengadin, but it is more accessible and offers great surfing at high tide.

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