Port of Gijon
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The City of Gijon, located on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea, combines a long seafaring history and cosmopolitan growth with beautiful beaches. Its major historic buildings recall the city’s Roman past and 16th Century Spanish kings.

The city’s historic quarter began on the hill of Santa Catalina, and it includes the old fishing neighborhood of Cimadevilla. This is where the first settlers came, and it is the site of the Elogio del Horizonte (Spanish), a work by Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida. From here, visitors can take in wonderful views of the city, the sea, and Costa Verde.

The streets between the marina and San Lorenzo beach are lined with Roman ruins, big mansions, and fishermen’s ancient abodes. In the Campo Valdes area, visitors will discover the Valdes palace, the 16th Century Tobacco Factory, the Church of San Pedro, and Roman baths.

The Port of Gijon boasts a four-thousand square meter casino hosting restaurants, meeting places, and artwork. While enjoying games of chance, visitors can attend exhibits, conferences, view some great artwork, or have a wonderful evening in a modern nightclub.

The Aquarius of Gijon offers 60 salt- and fresh-water aquariums with plants and animals from all of the world’s seas. With over two thousand cubic meters of water, you can see salmon, eels, penguins, bull sharks, and turtles, just some of the five thousand animals on view at the facility. Children will love the small pools full of starfish, sea cucumbers, and other sea life that they can touch.

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