Port of Algeciras Bay
Cruising and Travel

The Port of Algeciras Bay has the modern infrastructure to handle thousands of passengers each day. Its passenger terminal is completely automated, and security services are excellent. Cruise passengers arrive at a modern facility that brings them near wonderful adventures in the Campo de Gibraltar region, including luxury hotels, world-class golf courses, outstanding and beautiful beaches, the historic Castle of Tarifa, and many more tourist attractions.

The City of Algeciras (Spanish) has many sights that visitors will not want to miss. At the Murallas Merinies on Avenida Blas Infante, visitors can explore the remains of 13th Century medieval walls, towers, a moat, and entry gate. The Banos Merinies in the Parque Maria Cristina contain the restored remains of royal baths from the 13th Century.

The Museo Municipal, Ortega y Gasset (Spanish) is housed in the 19th Century Casa de los Guardeses. Within its seven galleries are exhibits ranging from prehistoric and the middle ages to modern times.

First created by the Marques de Verboon in 1724 as he brought people back to the abandoned town, the Plaza Alta is the center of the town. Redesigned and expanded several times over the years, it is a wonderful example of the 1929 Sevilla Ibero-Americana Exhibition.

The 18th Century old quarter of the Port of Algeciras Bay, Barrio de San Isidro, contains a wonderful plaza and church.

To learn more about the many cruise opportunities in the Port of Algeciras Bay, visit the Sun Cruise Andalucia website.

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