Port of A Coruna
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The Port of A Coruna has a mild climate that does not vary much through the year. With an average temperature of 14°C (57°F), the summer months are slightly warmer at 19°C (66°F). The waters are colder than those of the Mediterranean, and mornings tend to be foggy or cloudy. The afternoons are usually clear and sunny.

With two thousand years of history, the City of A Coruna (Spanish) loves the sea and the sun. She’s a balcony from which you can enjoy the Atlantic Ocean and let your imagination wander. The sea offers many opportunities for water sports – surfing, diving, sailing, and swimming – and the shore offers many opportunities for sun and sightseeing.

Visitors to the Cidade Vella will find the 16th Century Castelo de San Anton that contains a fascinating archaeology museum and the medieval Church of Santiago. The Museo Emilia Pardo Bazan is dedicated to one of Spain’s greatest 19th Century writers. The Xardin de San Carlos is a beautiful, romantic garden that houses the remains of British General Sir John Moore.

Outside the Cidade Vella (Spanish) are many interesting and entertaining adventures. The Torre de Hercules (Hercules Tower) is the oldest working lighthouse in the world. Built by the Romans in the 2nd Century AD, the Tower recalls centuries of history and the romance of the sea.

The Castro de Elvina, currently undergoing archaeological excavations, are roman and pre-roman settlements. The Castelo de San Anton museum exhibits some of the findings from this site. The Domus is a science museum focusing on the human body, and the Casa de las Ciencias is a general science museum. The Aquarium Finisterrae, located near the Domus, is an interactive science center focusing on oceanography and marine biology.

Another treat is the home where Pablo Picasso lived during his adolescence. The Picasso House Museum contains some of his works from the period and is preserved as it was when the artist lived there.

The Paseo Maritimo is a must-see for visitors to the Port of A Coruna. The seafront promenade circles the peninsula and offers many long relaxing walks. You can stroll from the La Marina to the Castelo de San Anton toward the Torre de Hercules on the promenade. You can see many other points of interest as well, including the Casa de los Peces, Dique de Abrigo, and Casa del Hombre. You can also get to the Orzan and Raiszor beaches from the Paseo Maritimo.

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