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The City of Alicante is a popular vacation spot for the region and country, and it is increasingly more popular with tourists from around the world. Of particular interest are its beautiful beaches, but there are a few sights visitors should not miss.

The Castle of Santa Barbara is an impressive remnant of medieval Spain, and it boasts breathtaking views of the city and Bay. One of Europe’s biggest medieval fortresses, it covers the whole top of Benacantil Mountain. The Moors built the castle in the 10th Century, but it got its name from the day King Alfonse took it (Saint Barbara’s Day) in 1248.

The Esplanade and port are wonderful places for a relaxed afternoon stroll. Offering a peaceful ocean breeze, the Esplanade is home to many restaurants and terraces.

The Port of Alicante’s District of Casco Viejo is the historic area of the city where you will find the most landmarks and monuments. The relaxed pedestrian streets are lined with white houses and geraniums.

The Archaeological Museum of Alicante (Marq) takes an innovative approach to the science. Oriented to people and communications, it has modern audio-visual technologies and multi-media displays to engage its visitors. In 2004, the Marq won the Best European Museum award.

The Port of Alicante is surrounded by beaches. The Playa de Tabarca, a small beach with many flowers, has several restaurants specializing in fresh seafood. From here, visitors can go to the Island of Tabarca, where once hid the Barbary pirates. The waters around the island are recognized nationally for their rich biodiversity.

The Playa de San Juan, the Port of Alicante’s most famous beach, is an open high-quality beach within an urban zone with apartments and services. Visitors enjoy the many restaurants and beach sports available as well as a range of hotels. The Playa de la Almadraba is a small rocky beach with beautiful calm waters and dark sand. The Playa de la Albufereta, northwest of the Port of Alicante, is located in an area rich with archaeological deposits (the city’s original location).

The Playa del Postiguet, at the base of the Castle of Santa Barbara, is next to the Esplanade and port. Close to the city’s historic center, the beach has ample public spaces and parking. The Playa del Saladar-Urbanova is more distant from the busy urban areas. This beach is perfect for long seaside walks.

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