Port of Bejaia
Cruising and Travel

The City of Bejaia (French) attracts millions of visitors, not just for its beautiful beaches, but for the breathtaking natural beauty of the mountains and the enchanting traditions of its residents.

With plenty of sunshine, the Port of Bejaia is an inviting place to relax and enjoy the sea. Temperatures range from a high of 30 °C (86 °F) in August to a low of 8 °C (46 °F) in January and February. The nighttime lights of the city are captivating, and evening breezes tease the senses.

The Mosque of Ibn Badis is not just a religious center. It's a wonderful architectural example surrounding by beautiful gardens. The city's buildings reflect the many different cultural influences on the Port of Bejaia from Spanish and Turkish conquerors to French colonists.

The Cape Carbon Road in the Port of Bejaia passes pine woods, olive groves, beautiful seaside cliffs, and the ruins of an early 16th Century Spanish fort. The area is scattered with ruins from the ancient Roman days and the Berber period.

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