ADP Nyborg Terminal
Cruising and Travel

Located centrally in Denmark, the Port of Nyborg is easy to get to by boat, car, or train. The Port of Nyborg contains three hotels on the coastline and one in the city’s center as well as several bed and breakfasts and camping sites. Visitors to the Port of Nyborg will want to check out these sights.

The Mads Lerche’s Gard is a well-preserved merchant’s house containing local historical collections that depict life in the 15th and 16th Centuries. Built in 1601 by mayor Mads Lerche, the house includes exhibits of furniture, artisans’ tools, toys, workshops, a school room, and weapons collections.

Holckenhavn Castle dates to the late 16th Century. It is a 12-hectare park with one of the country’s most beautiful manor houses. Guided tours (in Danish) are available.

Nyborg Slot (Danish) is the royal castle built in the late 12th Century by Danish kings as protection from the Wends. It is one of the fortifications defending the Great Belt region and became an important meeting place for Danish nobles. While only the west wing and parts of the tower stand today, Nyborg Slot is one of the oldest buildings still preserved in Denmark.

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