Port of Wilhelmshaven
Cruising and Travel

The City of Wilhelmshaven (German) is an increasingly popular tourist destination, and it contains many sights that visitors will not want to miss.

The Aquarium Wilhelmshaven (German) contains an excellent collection of sea life native to the North Sea as well as a special game room for kids, a restaurant, a ship museum, and a shop. The Piratenamuseum recalls the city’s early history when pirates lived in the castle here. The museum tells the story of piracy through the ages. The German Naval Museum, distinguished by a huge submarine from Germany’s navy that visitors can explore.

The National Park Center Wilhelmshaven, containing the Wattenmeer House, allows visitors to witness life at the end of the last ice age. Its multi-media exhibits illustrate the hard life of early humans in this cold-weather seaside location as well as the natural setting where they lived.

Oceanis is an underwater station where visitors become aquanauts. A personal guide takes you through a virtual tour of the ocean’s depths where you'll see underwater volcanoes, mythical and real sea monsters, and the beautiful and mysterious life forms of the deep ocean.

The Castle Kniphausen was the home of a medieval chieftain. Completely restored in 1990, visitors will enjoy seeing the ancestor hall that hosts weddings, concerts, and art exhibits today.

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