Port of Kiel
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During World War II, Allied bombs destroyed most of the historic buildings in the Port of Kiel, and much of the city’s rebuilding created modern architecture.

The single biggest tourist attraction in the City of Kiel is the Kieler Woche, one of Germany’s biggest festivals and one of the world’s biggest sailing events. During the Kieler Woche, the city center becomes an international fair with foods and crafts from around the world and celebrity performers appearing every night.

Visitors who attend the festival should book their lodgings well in advance. During the day, there are events for children throughout the week, and many open-air concerts are held in the evening. Several countries operate booths in the market with their own food and drink.

The Port of Kiel is a sea-based city, and its residents love the ocean and the Firth. They prize the harbor, the huge ferries moving people across the Baltic, and the giant cranes on the docks. The city loves water. Its harbor continues to expand, and it’s home to important international research on the ocean and ocean life. It’s a highly-specialized naval center and a world-class center for yachting and water sports.

Travelers who want to visit the Port of Kiel by sea can find a list of cruises on the Cruise Compete website.

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