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The City of Frankfurt is home to a wide range of people from rich bankers to poor students. It contains some of the tallest, most modern skyscrapers in Europe and some of its best-maintained old buildings. Millions of tourists come to the Romer square each year. It also contains less-visited areas with charming 19th Century neighborhoods.

Experienced travelers recommend visiting the Port of Frankfurt in late spring and early fall, as the summers may be too warm for a lot of sight-seeing and the winters are very cold and rainy.

Visitors will find many museums in the Port of Frankfurt that offer many different types of exhibits. Many of them are located in the Museumsufer, a district on the banks of the Main easily accessible by subway. The city contains many other museums outside the Museumsufer, too many to list here.

In the Museumsufer, you will find the Deutsches Architektur Museum with information on buildings and architecture from the “Primordial Hut to the Skyscraper.” The Deutsches Filmmuseum contains the history and art of film-making in Germany (which has a long and distinguished film industry).

The Stadel-Museum contains traditional and modern art, and the Museum Giersch has a wide range of artwork including everything from painting and photography to sculpture to graphic and applied arts. Public guided tours must be arranged in advance. The Liebieghaus displays statues and sculpture from around the world, and it has a highly-recommended garden café.

The Museum fur Kommunikation tells the story of communications’ history, focusing on telecommunications and postal services. Children will enjoy trying out the exhibits of phones, telegraphs, and fax machines. There’s also a small art collection focused on the theme of communications.

In the Judisches Museum, the story of over 200 years of the history of Jews in the Port of Frankfurt is told, including a strong look at the holocaust. At a separate location, the Museum Judengasse holds excavations from the old Jewish ghetto.

The Port of Frankfurt is home to some of Europe’s tallest buildings. In fact, the Commerzbank is the tallest office building in Europe. It has many high-rises concentrated in a fairly small downtown, giving in the nickname Mainhattan. Visitors go to the Main river bridges to get great views of the unique skyline. The Main Tower building is open to the public, and for a small fee, you can ride the elevator to a 200-meter-high viewing platform, where you can see some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll remember.

The Port of Frankfurt holds many other attractions. The Palmengarten, the Port of Frankfurt’s botanic garden, has special exhibits and events all year. The city’s biggest park, Gruneburgpark, is a popular place for relaxed strolls and meeting people.

The Romerberg, an old central downtown area, has buildings from the 14th and 15th Centuries (rebuilt after World War II). Romer is the city’s Town Hall and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The square has many shops and cafes and is close to the Zeil shopping area and Main River. The Paulskirche (St. Paul’s Church), the site of the country’s first democratically-elected parliament, is next door to the Romer.

The Port of Frankfurt’s Bornheim is a residential area with a busy market and lovely medieval houses that were not damaged by the bombing. Berger Strasse is also lined with trendy stores, restaurants, cafes, and the historic Ebbelwoi taverns.

The City Forest is in the south part of the city. It covers 48 square kilometers and contains six playgrounds and nine ponds. Just outside the Port of Frankfurt is the Saalburg, an historic Roman fort near Bad Homburg.

The Port of Frankfurt’s biggest event is the Frankfurt Motor Show, held every other year (odd-numbered years). It is the biggest motor show in the world. The historic Frankfurt Book Fair is the world’s biggest publishing industry event. Held in October, the public can enter during the last two days.

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