Puerto Limon
Cruising and Travel

Although the City of Limon is not a well-known tourist destination, it is the doorway for visits to Tortuguero National Park and Cahuita National Park. Influenced by Afro-Caribbean culture, residents have their own unique language and culture. A visit to Puerto Limon’s Parque Vargas gives visitors a great introduction to that culture.

Many earthquakes have damaged the city, but Puerto Limon still has some interesting architecture and lively open-air markets. You’ll find cashew wine is a specialty in Puerto Limon. And although the people are relaxed during the day, Puerto Limon offers a healthy nightlife with several bars and restaurants. Visitors will find ample hotels. Puerto Limon recommends that visitors come around Columbus Day to join in the annual carnival, called Dia de las Culturas, with its big parades, wild parties, and loud music.

If city life runs out of its attraction, visitors will find beautiful nearby Playa Bonita a great place for relaxing in the sun and surfing. And outdoor lovers will find many scenic trips to volcanoes, tropical rainforests, green valleys, and national parks. Other popular pastimes are white-water rafting on the Reventazon River, horseback riding in the jungle, or taking a boat ride on the Tortuguero Canal.

Isla Uvita (Spanish) is the place where Columbus landed in 1503. It is also popular for its great surfing. Parque Vargas is Puerto Limon’s biggest city attraction. Lined with benches, it contains a bit of the jungle and a bandstand. Playa Bonita is close to Puerto Limon and has long stretches of sandy beach and some very good swimming areas.

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