Port of Zhanjiang
Cruising and Travel

The City of Zhanjiang (Chinese) is not one of China’s most popular tourist destinations, but it does contain some interesting and enjoyable sights that visitors will not want to miss. Having been a French colony, it contains several old colonial buildings.

Habin Park, on the waterfront, covers eight hectares and contains beautifully cultivated botanical gardens with many species of local and Japanese plants and the Baibaoshan mansion historical site. Visitors will find a bonsai garden and an octagonal pavilion offering a beautiful spot for quiet meditation.

Cunjin Bridge Park is the area’s biggest subtropical botanical garden. The bridge marks the historic boundary between the French colony port and modern China. The Cunjin park covers 513 acres, including 113 acres of water. Visitors will find flower gardens, islands, a zoo and playground, and a mausoleum cemetery dedicated to the courageous Chinese who defended the city against the French. With a beautiful quiet lake and many hills, the park includes a dance hall and cultural square where people gather. Inside the entrance is a restaurant.

The famous HuguangYan park is located about 30 minutes outside the Port of Zhanjiang. This national geological park features the HuguangYan volcano and Marr Lake. Covering 13.6 square kilometers, evidence of a volcanic eruption some 150 thousand years ago includes a beautiful crater lake with waters and mud that are said to be good for your health.

Near the Port of Zhanjiang are Donghai and Nansandao Islands. Still relatively undeveloped, the islands offer clean beaches, clear water, and a few resorts where visitors can find a private and relaxing retreat.

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