Port of Yantai
Cruising and Travel

The City of Yantai enjoys good weather and plentiful coasts that make it a popular summer refuge. This small port city retains its pre-industrial charm, with a beautiful seaside promenade where visitors enjoy strolling and relaxing next to the sea. Every night at the promenade, the city puts on a fantastic water, sound, and light show definitely worth seeing.

The Three Stations (in Mandarin, say “San Jang”) market offers almost any Chinese cultural knickknack you can imagine, including calligraphy sets, silk paintings, and many sculptures and statues. Shoppers will also find computer outlets, a wide range of shops and stores, and many restaurants.

The Nanshan Scenic Spot Zone in Longkou City, about 90 kilometers northwest of the Port of Yantai, contains a hotel, recreation palace, and international golf course. It is Asia’s biggest recreation center and contains the biggest figure of the Buddha in the world. Visitors will find many interesting sights in the area.

The Port of Yantai’s Golden Beach Park, to the north of the development zone, adds modern park facilities to its long, beautiful sandy beach and forests. Beach-goers will find swimming, sightseeing, entertainment, and delicious foods at the Golden Beach Park.

The Mushi Demesne was built during the Qing Dynasty. A vast complex covering 20 thousand square meters with almost 500 rooms, it is an important historic cultural treasure. The complex is protected by the state as an example of the area’s 600-year social and cultural history and the “civil imperial palace.”

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