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The City of Xiamen is a popular tourist destination for both its daytime beauty and its nighttime excitement. Visitors to the Port of Xiamen will not want to miss its many sights. The city contains many public parks with gardens and walkways and many night markets where small businesses offer their wares. Yuangdang Lake is home to many egrets who flock there during the day, and Bailuzhou Park is rich with music, dancing, and vendors during the night.

The Old City of Xiamen contains small winding streets with colonial houses and small shops with Mediterranean-style balconies reminiscent of Andalusia. Old City’s marketplace is a favorite attraction where visitors will find many narrow crowded alleys and a variety of foods including fruits, vegetables as well as live ducks, chickens, and turtles. Life in the Old City is busy and active, with people buying and selling, eating and drinking, and enjoying life.

Tong’an is the Port of Xiamen’s most remote area, but it’s also been the city’s most important cultural, economic, and political area for much of the last thousand years. Tong’an son Su Song created the world’s first astronomical clock there 600 years before the Europeans. His home, the ancestral hall for Fjuuian’s Su clan, was built in 994 AD. The Tong’an Museum inside the Confucian Temple contains historic relics, archives, and information about the people who are important to the area’s history.

Matang Village, about seven kilometers east of Tong’an, is home to 64 families who undertook a joint venture in 1990 that improved the village’s technology and increased their production by over a thousand percent. Today, the workers live in modern homes with beautiful gardens where they once lived in the squalor of poverty.

Tong’an’s Lotus Flower Mountain Scenic Area contains ancient trees and temples where visitors can take in over five thousand years of Chinese history. The West Mountain Peak Scenic Area is a perfect place to go on hot summer days. At the peak of the mountain is the 1100-year-old White Cloud Crag Temple and Purple Cloud Cove with Holy Wells said to always have sweet water. A Ming Dynasty cliff inscription can be found nearby.

While creating the Tingxi Reservoir in 1956, workers found an ancient kiln with bowls, plates, pots, utensils, and the foundation of kiln bricks from the Song Dynasty where porcelain was produced.

The Port of Xiamen is proud of its 31-kilometer Island Ring Road which encircles Garden Island. Beginning downtown at the harbor, the road is bordered by green belts and trails for biking and hiking. It is also lined by many lovely parks, gardens, and beaches.

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