Port of Wenzhou
Cruising and Travel

The Wenzhou City has long been well-known for its commercial initiative, arts, and crafts as well as for its many historic and scenic points of interest.

Jiangxin Island lies in the middle of the Ou River running through the Port of Wenzhou. Visitors can get there by taking a boat to find both old and new pagodas, many gardens and lakes, a water park, and a theme park famous for its ferris wheel (offering breathtaking views of the Port of Wenzhou) and its thrilling roller coaster. Snow Mountain is west of the Port of Wenzhou and is a great place to get panoramic views of the city. Nine Mountain Lake is a small thin lake at the foot of a beautiful pagoda.

The Wet Lands is a group of over 130 islands covering 13 square kilometers and connected by bridges and, for some of them, canoes. The islands support many gazebos and gardens where visitors can find many hours of quiet walks and contemplation.

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