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The City of Tianjin is one of the most important seaports and biggest cities in China, but it is not a terrifically popular tourist destination. It is, however, the gateway to Beijing for cruise passengers. While it is not made for foreigners, it is a wonderful place to get to know the real China. Its residents are warm and friendly and welcome visitors to this historic city. There are many interesting things to see and do in the Port of Tianjin. For more information, visit the Port of Tianjin's tourism website.

The weather in the Port of Tianjin is greatly influenced by the Bohai Gulf and Yellow Sea. The city has a semi-moist continental monsoon climate with four distinct seasons, each with its own special beauty. Spring in the Port of Tianjin is a great time to travel, despite occasional windy days and sandstorms. Summer is hot and rainy, and the temperatures vary greatly between night and day. Autumn is mild and comfortable. Winters are very cold. Temperatures range from an average high of 32 °C (90 °F) in July to an average low of 0 °C (32 °F) in January.

Visitors to the Port of Tianjin absolutely must check out the Huangyaguan section of the Great Wall of China. Originally built in the middle 6th Century AD, it has undergone repairs during the Ming Dynasty and again in 1985. This section of the Great Wall was the north entrance to Jinxian. It walls and towers line the mountain ridge at an altitude of about 738 meters, with cliff to the east and crags to the west. Visitors may get dizzy looking down from the wall. They steps are very steep and high, and the wall follows mountain that rise higher with each peak, making it seem like the wall is running straight up and down at times. The view from the wall is breathtaking, with the green mountains complemented by glorious waterfalls and quiet springs.

The Port of Tianjin's Old City is a wonderful historic area where visitors will be love the traditional charm of the buildings and the stories that accompany them. The 1427 Jade Emperor Pavilion dates from the Ming Dynasty. The 1326 Queen of Heaven Palace in the northeastern part of the Old City was used for sacrifices to the navigation spirit. The 18th Century Islamic Mosque recalls the city's international routes. Visitors will also want to see the 1904 church beside the Lion Forest Bridge and the 1907 Guangdong Assembly Hall. The Laoxi Kai Church at Dushan Road in the Heping District is open to foreigners, but non-Christians cannot enter.

Travelers who want to visit the Port of Tianjin by sea can find a list of scheduled cruises on the Cruise Compete website.

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