Port of Taizhou
Cruising and Travel

Visitors to the City of Taizhou will find several interesting sights. The Taizhou Ancient City Wall is more than six thousand meters long. Built in the 4th Century, the wall is called the “Great Wall of South China.”

Tiantai Mountain is not only a beautiful scenic location, it is the birthplace of the Tiantai sect of Chinese Buddhists and the southern sect of Chinese Taoists. It is home to some beautiful spots that include the Guoqing Temple, a pilgrimage for more than three million Japanese and Korean Buddhists each year. Visitors will also want to check out the Shiliang Waterfall, Checheng Hill, Hanshan Lake, and Huading Peak while they are on Tiantai Mountain.

Changyu Cavern was created by over 1500 years of quarrying activity. With 28 cavern groups and over 1300 adjoining caverns, it is considered to be one of China’s most outstanding tourist areas.

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