Port of Ningbo
Cruising and Travel

Passengers have many options for catching a ship to Shanghai, Potuoshan, Dinghai, Taohuadao, and other destinations. The Port has three transport stations for passengers, each of which is linked to local bus routes, and regular schedules traveling several times a day.

Visitors to the City of Ningbo will want to check out the city’s main attractions. Tian Yi Square is the main square and shopping mall for residents. With many shops and superstores, the Ningbo Tian Yi Square houses designer stores like Dunhill and Burberry, and visitors will find familiar Western food services like Pizza Hut and Starbucks.

Moon Lake, the city’s main park, was dug in 636 AD. The park covers almost 97 hectares of water and land and contains gardens and walkways. At almost 1400 years old, Moon Lake contains many old buildings and pavilions. It’s a great place for a quiet walk, a picnic, or a little spin in one of the paddle boats.

The 16th Century Tian Yi Library is a garden pavilion. Near Moon Lake, it is the oldest surviving library in China. It houses items from the 11th Century, including woodblock and hand-written copies of Confucian documents. Some of the library’s gardens and out-buildings contain displays of old tablets and books. The gold-plated wood-paneled buildings and the pool and rockery give the library grounds an atmosphere of quiet seclusion.

The Lao Waitan is the city’s popular district for nightlife. On the Yong River bank next to the Yongjiang Bridge, this new city district is growing quickly with new businesses. In the old days, it was the Port of Ningbo’s foreigner district, and it is next to a French Gothic style church from those days. Visitors will find many international restaurants here and may get a chance to enjoy the fire and water show on the boardwalk.

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