Port of Nantong
Cruising and Travel

Visitors to the City of Nantong will not want to miss these special sights. Langshan (or “Wolf Hill”) is a hill on the river that is said to be haunted by a white wolf. At the peak of the hill is a Buddhist temple dedicated to a monk from the Song Dynasty. The Cao Gong Zhu Memorial Temple is dedicated to the memory of the local hero who defended the Port of Nantong from Japanese pirates in the mid-16th Century.

Opened in 1985, the Nantong Textile Museum documents the thousand-year history of the weaving and textile industries in the Port of Nantong. It contains six exhibition halls, courtyards, and gardens where visitors can relax and meditate. The 1905 Nantong Museum, a traditional style Chinese building, displays antiquities and fossils, including pieces of pottery and calligraphy found in the Port of Nantong. Visitors can take a boat trip on the Hao He River in the evening to watch the city lights come on and the city’s beautiful fountains.

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